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2013 Thanksgiving Prayer

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• Thank God for the leadership, after repeated relocation, and finally held a formal opening ceremony of the World Federation of meal blessing ministry headquarters in the June 8 and June 10 twice, not only have many pastors who participate, There are also many restaurants industry personnel to attend.

• Thank God for the official opening of the world's food, "Ephraim training center," God has chosen the training burden on meal blessing Christians. After the opening ceremony, there are many students enrolled, currently nearing the end of the first period. Enrollment of students who are interested, the next issue will be 10 Month 8 Officially began, between classes and have the opportunity to learn Hebrew.

• For a formal cooperation with the United States the world crown meal Finance Ministry and the Chinese Ministry Outreach Thanksgiving. Thank God for the leadership of its director, Professor Wen Ying dry well in 6 Month 15 Money talks, held, and people involved. In the future we will have more opportunities for cooperation, to share more financial knowledge to the San Francisco Bay Bible brothers and sisters.

• Thank the Lord's blessing and inspiration, ABCD Series recording is completed on time, the hope of bringing more brothers and sisters to the Lord in the future.

• "Gospel into the restaurant, the gospel of the restaurant" Vision Sharing successful completion of share in the San Francisco Palace Cantonese Restaurant, Mandarin share in the Meeting Point Church, each about two hundred people attended. Detailed reports revealed next time !

• Thank the Lord's work, let the world be safe meal General Asia missionary journey, sharing have in Hong Kong60 People to participate, complete the training of local leaders in China Security meal blessing, visiting Vietnam and establish good relationships with the local church.


• World fasting Chairman of the Board: DAVID priest with the Lord, please pray for their families.

• San Jose Christian Assembly Zheng Qiguang priest with the Lord, the Lord comfort his family congregation. Zheng Qiguang missionary priest in the ministry has been spared grassroots support, as one glorious based.

• Make meals for the world to preach the gospel with the ABCD Training and ongoing development of the film's prayer, the hope of pleasing the Lord Mongolia, for the benefit of non-believers more grassroots friends.

• Ephraim Training Centre Phase II program will 10 Month 8 Officially begin, new students grow spiritually in prayer.

• Fourth World Conference this meal blessing leaders will next year 6 Month 18 Held in Hong Kong. Please Hong Kong meal planning work and the blessing of the speakers invited to pray.




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