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February 2013 Thanksgiving Prayer

6460 22 2015-03-20


1 Praise the Lord, January 1 meal successfully get the key head office of the Bank and on January 31 successfully moved.

2 We have established good relations with the surrounding neighborhood Hayward.

3 is the last renovation, relocation, a variety of funds, as well as co-workers with concentric match rather thanksgiving.

4 World meals for curriculum design Ephraim training center for teach arrangement and combination of various types of equipment to purchase and thanksgiving.


1 is in Toronto to promote a "tribute to the catering person" meal blessing prayer movement. Of the March 4-7 four days in a row 17 screenings Cantonese and Mandarin evangelistic prayer. Orchestra participation, speakers, churches around the match, counselors, and transportation transfers and visits to pray.

2 Chinese around the Bay Area Christian prayer associated with the work of more than 200 church pastors will pray for the acceptance of the meal blessing vision, cognitive movement, and the movement of the blessing after meals commitment, investment, development and promotion to pray.

3 STM Canada Centre, Toronto drink blessing of the trumpet, and the Canadian Huafu four agencies led to pray.

4 of the March 19 test meal Ephraim World Class Training Center to arrange enrollment of all students, teachers and curriculum taught to pray. But also for the scheduled June 8 formal operation prayer ceremony.

5 of the World Dragon and Lirong Shi Di meal missionary couple in Taiwan to promote food safety and fruit blessing vision effect to pray.

6 of the arrangement and composition of the ministry team, promoting "gambling ministry", "financial ministry" to pray.

7 held in Hong Kong next year as the "World Family Life Camp delicious meal" of speakers and workshops prayer.




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