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Thanksgiving Prayer

7219 115 2015-03-20


1. World food drive has become a blessing in Taiwan Taiwan Chapter meal blessing ministry.

2. Director-General of the World food meal with Taiwan, animal husbandry and welfare groups and link up with local churches to visit Taiwan, which were visited Kaohsiung, Hualien, Taichung, Taitung, Hsinchu, etc. pastors, sharing a vision, for Thanksgiving!

3. In China B City has formally established B City Restaurant Association. In groups, animal husbandry P Under the leadership of the pastor, every Monday afternoon, two, three, at different restaurants in the restaurant has officially worship, and for the training and preparation for next year.

4. Is 9 Four times a month in the Sunday school training Chinese for Christ Church Mitani thankful.

5. To the 9 Month 3 The annual World Day and Thanksgiving meal sharing Assembly. Assembly gathered a lot of Bay Area pastors and brothers and sisters, we share with each other, and have 33 Bit pledge "World food 168 . "


1. Ephraim is actively preparing for the training center of the members (including Dr. Wu Yiming, Sue King Star priest, pastor Yuancheng Zhong Qiu great preacher) prayer, and invited Dr. Liu Dafang be our consultant. Members of the Lord arrange time to pray.

2. "Ephraim training center," the Committee will arrange next year's curriculum. Its content, advertising, teaching time, and invited to come and pray.

3. All meals for the world to move into new premises needed: computer, kitchen renovation, equipment, distance learning courses, engineers and decorators to pray.

4. As "Ephraim Training Centre" will take the 17 Bit "World food 168 "Pray. And as "Ephraim training center" for the catering people in spiritual blessings and leadership training to prayer.




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