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Thanksgiving Prayer

6418 103 2015-03-20


1. Of the year 68 Smoothly in Taiwan to promote Thanksgiving! Assembly to attract media coverage throughout, and the enthusiastic response of the churches around Taiwan and established a branch in Taiwan Shi meal, led by Yang Fuxing elders.

2. DAVID priest's body was recovered, escape and return home Thanksgiving. Please continue to pray for his health.

3. Taiwan Quaker Church Unity churches to cooperate with thanksgiving.

4. To witness and cosmic rays in each of the fourteen restaurant owner can publish a restaurant owner testimony and thanksgiving.

5. To overcome all difficulties to attend from all over China, and work together to build our brothers and sisters meal blessing ministry and thanksgiving.


1. Which will take place next year 3 Month "comprehensive win catering industry" in Toronto, Canada to promote the activities of prayer. And four agencies preparatory grounds of cooperation with the churches to pray for the preparation of people ─ ─ MA Yingjie pastor intelligence and wisdom to arrange the meeting.

2. Is 8 Month 6 Day Siloam Fellowship 150 People baptized, and their subsequent cultivation and something to pray.

3. European meals throughout the blessing prayer mission trip to Bulgaria.

4. To missionary 士洪狄 dragon, Cai Lirong couple body, spiritual health, and match with local workers Britain meal blessing prayer.

5. Pray for the church in North America, a collaboration with the European food meal blessing push northward non-work.

6. The Director-General will return to Taiwan in October training, please can consolidate to promote Taiwan's meal blessing to pray.

7. Is 8 Director-General of the month will go to Washington and Virginia to do the training meal blessing prayer.

8. Mainland China B City have started the meal blessing ministry, and has invested missionaries Q Pastor to pray.

9. Is 1 Month 1 Day, will move into a new "Ephraim Center" (New World food site) prayer. For the relocation of funds and equipment, and the remaining loans needed to pray.

10. For the year 9 Month 3 Day by Meeting Point Church held "World Vision Sharing dinner meal blessing," Preparatory work smoothly prayer, as well as the special guests "cook healthy stream of new" host Kevin And Claire Safe and healthy couple's journey to pray.




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